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Donor Stories

  • Jan, North Carolina
    Jan, North Carolina
    "On two separate occasions, in preparing to update my will, the Christian Financial/Estate Planning Department quickly..."
  • Georgia B., South Carolina
    Georgia B., South Carolina
    Working with Inspiration Ministries in my estate planning has been a real blessing from the Lord. It was something I knew I needed...
  • Jean, Virginia
    Jean, Virginia
    "I am super blessed to have reached out to Inspiration Ministries for their help with my estate. The expertise and compassion..."
  • Marlyn, South Dakota – Gave via a Charitable Gift Annuity
    Marlyn, South Dakota – Gave via a Charitable Gift Annuity
    "I've been blessed by Inspiration so I wanted to give back. What better way than a charitable gift annuity..."
  • Denise, Florida
    "I wanted to do a planned gift with Inspiration Ministries because I believe saving Souls is important and Inspiration Ministries..."
  • Rafael, Connecticut – Gave via an IRA Distribution
    "I want to give to Inspiration Ministries because they are teaching the good news to world. I feel good about it and..."